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We are delighted to share with you our love of working with fresh and local products. Chef Benjamin Bakir offers creative and refined cuisine.

Street Food by

The Galie



The pepper

Corneillette bread, Cerdagne beef mince, Saint Michel de Cuixa ewe tomme, caramelized onions, seasonal salad, smoked brisket, green pepper sauce

14,00 €

The Cerdan

Organic sesame bread , Pig ground steak "Tirabuixo", Caramelized onions, Callola cow tomme in Taurinya, Bacon, Seasonal salad, sauce of your choice

14,00 €

The Fish

Pain la Corneillette, breaded fillet of pollock, goat cheese, seasonal salad, sauce of your choice

14,00 €

The vegetarian
Corneillette bread, breaded mozzarella, Saint-Michel de Cuixa sheep tomme, caramelized onions, seasonal salad and sauce of your choice
14,00 €

The burger of the moment

14,00 €

And always...

The Composed Salad
11,00 €

The simmered Dish of the Day
13,00 €

The Platter of the Day
25,00 €

The Prestige Plateau
35,00 €

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