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We are delighted to share with you our love of working with fresh and local products. Chef Benjamin Bakir offers creative and refined cuisine.

Our Take-Out Meal Trays

For your romantic evenings, your meals with friends, your work meetings, the trays consist of:

  • an entrance
  • a dish
  • a cheese
  • a dessert
  • a piece of bread
  • Covered

The trays are eco-recyclable .

Reservation is required at least 1 hour in advance during restaurant opening hours.

Our Daily Tray
25,00 €

Our Prestige Plateau
35,00 €

Easter platter

Easter Sunday platter

Sunday March 31

Poached egg, wild asparagus, wild garlic


Crispy confit Xai lamb


Farm cheese plate


Grand cru chocolate desserts 70% guanaja

35,00 €

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